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Photo Rights & Usage

By ordering photos from you agree to the following. Please read and familiarize yourself:


Getting Ready 

Here’s a little checklist I provide to all my clients to help ensure the best possible results come the day of the photoshoot. Feel free to check it out:



Your photoshoot will last a minimum of an hour for small homes and an hour and a half or more for medium-sized or larger homes. 


Photo Delivery

Your photos will be delivered the next day via email for easy download. A weekend shoot will have a Monday delivery. 


What Will My Photos Look Like? 

I use a process called Flash-Ambient Blending for all interior photos to produce the absolute best images. The result is a bright, more evenly lit photo with accurate colors. Please see examples from my website:


How Does Payment Work? 

You will receive an invoice at the same time your photos are delivered. It’s payable immediately and past due after seven days. Payment options will include credit card, debit card, Venmo, & check. 


Client Expectations

Please let me know if there are particular shots, close-ups, special requests, or any other expectations you may have prior to our shoot. 

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