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Healing Powers of a Beach Sunrise

The room's dark, completely quiet, and motionless. Sophie is buried safe and warm under the covers where she's somehow remained for the last eight hours. How do dogs do that lol? I look up at the window and see a pale glow which means one thing, it's go time! We've got approximately ten minutes to get dressed, tend to our bed head, get coffee, and make our way to the beach. Beach sunrise here we come!

Sunrise on Hilton Head Island
Sunrise @ Forest Beach, Hilton Head Island

Do You HGVT!

I'm an HGTV junkie, no doubt about it. House Hunters, Home Town, Fixer Upper, and our new fave - Renovation Inc. We've seen it all and can't get enough. A while back we started watching a show called Beachfront Bargain Hunt. Have you seen it? It's basically House Hunters on the beach and the cool thing is finding out how much things cost in different parts of the country. You start watching this thing long enough and all the sudden you begin having thoughts like could we do this? What would it look like if we owned a place at the beach? I'll tell ya what it would look like, AWESOME! Next thing you know we're online looking at properties, checking out prices, ideal locations, & who has the best amenities. And that folks is how stuff like this happens for the Edneys. We're going through life like normal and seemingly out of nowhere we are now obsessed with finding a beachfront bargain of our own. We're on that road and there's no stopping us now.

Side note local trivia: What HGTV designer & host was called on to design Tavern & Table on Shem Creek in Mt Pleasant? Taniya Nayak from Designed to Sell, House Hunters Vacation, and Urban Oasis. Pretty cool! If you've never been you should check it out. Very cool place!

Discovering Hilton Head Island

Where should we look? Should we stay close and make going on vacation simple? We wanted something easy, something that would give us freedom to leave on a Friday afternoon and be back home Sunday night should we get a wild hair. Two years ago we visited Hilton Head for the first time and we absolutely loved it. The people were so friendly and it was beautiful everywhere we went. Every time I looked up I saw couples & families riding bicycles all over the place. I love that! Kinda like Pleasantville round there...Try being in a bad mood while riding a bike. I dare you! Fast forward to May 2021 - Travel has just started to open up so we book a trip to HHI to check out some properties. If I remember correctly we had 13 showings over one weekend. The coolest part, we rode our bikes to every single one. What a fun experience! From now on, I'm going to ride my bike to all showings and offer to double my clients. Add some adventure to the home buying experience 😊. We see a couple things we like and make some offers but none accepted. Rude! Inventory is extremely low and prices have started to inflate but we have an idea. Narrowing our search to two communities, we look up the names and mailing address of each owner and mail them letters. I explain that I'm a real estate agent and that my wife and I are looking to buy in their building and to please let me know if they might have any interest in selling. Guess what? We got four callbacks and wound up going back to Hilton Head for two private showings. One was in Forest Beach Villas, a place I had my eye on because it's close to everything, walkable. The layout blows away everything we've seen. Higher ceilings, bright natural light coming from a twelve-foot wall of glass, and the main living space was very large and open feeling. Plus it had a fourth story balcony overlooking the courtyard. Oh yea! That is exactly how we found our place, we came to agreement and the rest is history. You're looking at the proud new owners of Suite Life @ Forest Beach Villas.

A Shift in Perspective

We get up and make our way outside where daylight is slowly creeping in. No people, no traffic, only peace and quiet. Crossing the street and a few moments later our feet hit the sand. The sound of crashing waves and seagulls flying above become noticeable. We make our way close to the water and lookout over the ocean. One look at God's creation and my perspective begins to change - all the sudden we become very small. Standing there waiting and watching, the sun appears over the horizon. Colors of orange and pink fill the sky and any stress I had is long gone. This is it. I'm here with my favorite person and we're watching the sun come up over the ocean. It doesn't get any better than this my friend...

Ok maybe it does, I don't believe anyone's mentioned food yet? I have the perfect place! We leisurely walk up the beach a little further before exiting at Coligny Beach Park. Just down the street is our favorite breakfast place, Watusi Cafe. The food is yum yummy and they have the best service. Plus they are very dog friendly allowing Sophie to come along.

Fat & happy, what shall we do next? A nice bike ride on HHI's 60 miles of trails, grab a book and head out to the pool, work on our tans back at the beach & do some people watching... Suite life indeed!

Sunrise on Hilton Head Island, HHI
Look at that happy face, come on now!

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